JOE's favourite TV theme tunes you might remember from your childhood 9 years ago

JOE's favourite TV theme tunes you might remember from your childhood

Whether you though Pugwall had a better band than the lads from California Dreams or not, you have to admit they made some great tunes

In JOE's humble opinion, this has been one of the toughest and most difficult articles that we've ever done, and has taken a huge mental toll on us. Leaving out some truly fantastic theme tunes such as Earthworm Jim (we learned all the words on our mid-term break once), Dogtanian and Sister, Sister was not easily done, and it was with a heavy heart that we had to cast them aside.


Still, we stand over this list, and we apologise in advance that you will be singing all of these songs for the rest of the day.

Saved By The Bell

A no-brainer this one, we would rush home every day to make sure we were back to see the latest goings on with Zack and Kelly (hoping that maybe, just maybe she'd ditch him for us) and the latest high jinx from Screech and his robot. We also wanted one of those giant phones quite badly. Notable mention to the theme tune to College Years too, which was a great intro, but not good enough to paper over the cracks of what was an incredibly poor concept for a TV show.



We were mightily impressed that a kid of Pugwall's age was able to come up with a tune that could stand the test of time quite like this classic. We're presuming Marmaloid helped him somewhere along the line.


Eye on Springfield

Technically this wasn't a real TV show (at the very least we will say it was a meta-show), but we'll be damned if this isn't one of the best theme tunes to anything, ever. A truly cromulent song, it really embiggens the heart to hear it.

Round The Twist


This show is best remembered for its theme tune, and we're finding it more difficult to remember anything else about it. Still, cracker of a tune.

Hang Time

Julie broke down barriers for females in sports around the world with her 'Never Say No' attitude when those squares at the high school didn't want a girl on the basketball team, but she proved that she had skills to pay the bills on the court.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Need we say more? We still know all the words to this, don't even challenge us on that. You will lose.

California Dreams

Not but last week JOE spotted a show in the TV listings entitled 'California Dreaming', and couldn't have been more disappointed when we discovered that it wasn't about this brilliant show. We wish we were as cool as Jake.

James Bond Jr.

This makes the list based almost solely on the second 'Bond' after they sing 'James Bond Jr.' Also the repeated use of the word 'scum' is a brave opening gambit for a children's TV show, so that makes it a shoe in for the list.


Iconic barely covers how brilliant this theme tune was, this one will definitely be lodged in your brain for the day.

Kenan and Kel

I. Put the screw. In the tuna.