Man decides to sleep outside on a trampoline rather than wake up his angry girlfriend 2 years ago

Man decides to sleep outside on a trampoline rather than wake up his angry girlfriend

He had a 'few too many' and didn't fancy an argument.

No matter how well you think you know your partner, it's always an eye opener to learn about their sleeping patterns for the very first time.

Granted, snoring is usually the main killer, but there are also some people that feel like the duvet is their own personal property that they'll never share with anyone. There's also the issue of body heat - or lack of - because lying beside some people is like sleeping next to a bloody radiator.

Contrary to this, there's also a few unfortunate souls that have blocks of ice where their hands/feet should be.

They usually try and make an excuse for their baltic hands/feet by saying "Cold feet, warm heart" but that means feck all when you're shivering next to them.

On this note, an eternal argument usually revolves around the 'sneaking into bed' etiquette. You know what we mean. Maybe your partner has nipped off to bed before you, or maybe you're heading home after a few drinks, but the same question always applies.

How can you sneak into bed without sounding like a drunk rhino that's stumbling into every single piece of furniture in the room?

Well, a man named David had the perfect solution because he just decided to give up and sleep outside on the trampoline rather than annoy his girlfriend.

In a post on Facebook, David's girlfriend, Georgia Nisbet, described the whole surreal sequence of events, saying: "Lads don’t get drunk and argue with your girlfriend & then loose your house keys. This could lead to a night on the trampoline. What a shock a got when a opened the blinds this morning! At least he had the courtesy to take his Saturday night sliders off."

It appears that Georgia finds the whole thing hilarious though because in the comments section below, she adds: "I was actually going to leave him there but I obviously didn’t know he had lost his keys and his phone had cut out. He would a still be lying there if a didn’t wake him up!" and that "I'm laughing at this now but this morning I was actually furious! I thought something had happened to him because he didn’t come home."

Gents, a timely reminder.