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This new pizza topping is here to completely ruin your day
We just can't deal with this.

Pineapple on pizza – where do you stand?

When ordering a pizza with friends, we often learn to compromise when it comes to toppings.

One person sacrifices their love of a meat feast to please those who like a more rounded slice.

Veggie lovers will settle for a few slices of pepperoni to keep their meat-loving friends happy.

And those with more specific dietary requirements can enjoy a whole pizza to themselves.

However, there is one topping that there is no compromising on – pineapple.

It’s a topic that causes a divide among the closest of friends.

Yes, pineapple on pizza is an acquired taste, however, we don’t think we know anyone who’d order this monstrosity on their pizza.



Yes, they're strawberries.

Strawberries on pizza have rightly been causing sheer outrage on Twitter with people voicing their strong rejection of the apparent new food trend.


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