Sick of being broke before pay day? This online payment plan will come in handy 1 year ago

Sick of being broke before pay day? This online payment plan will come in handy

Brought to you by Flexi-Fi

There's nothing worse than not being able to buy something because you're waiting for pay day.


We've all been there. You're out for a stroll through town, and you see that something you really want to buy is on special offer for one week only.

The only problem is, you're not getting paid until next week...

Flexi-Fi online payment plan

The latest solution to this age-old problem for Irish people is Flexi-Fi, which lets you buy something now and pay for it later. Basically, it helps you stay in control of your budget by letting you keep your own cash and spread the cost on purchases from €80 to €499.99 (whilst paying absolutely nothing extra).

Be it a new 4K TV , a handbag or a pair of shoes, it'll help you get what you want before pay day. It can be used online or in-store with any of their partner retailers, and each store has different plans to offer.

To find out more about Flexi-Fi and where you can use it, visit


Once you're an Irish citizen/permanent resident that's at least 18 years of age and earn a taxable income of at least €21,000 per year, you're halfway there. Just make sure you have all the right paperwork and a good credit history, and apply using your phone number and email address.

You get to choose how much you want to pay back every fortnight/month, and you can always pay out early as well. There aren't any hidden fees either, as you pay 0% APR on purchases up to €499.99.

To find out more about Flexi-Fi, Ireland’s latest way to pay click here#JoinTheSolution

Brought to you by Flexi-Fi