Our top five tips for proposing on holidays this summer 1 year ago

Our top five tips for proposing on holidays this summer

Brought to you by Voltaire Diamonds

Proposing overseas? No problem once you follow our simple tips


If you have a holiday booked with your significant other this summer, you might be tempted to pop the question while you’re away.

I mean why not? You’re more likely to have good weather, and wouldn’t it make the occasion just a little more memorable?

Whatever you do, the first thing you need to sort is the engagement ring. Voltaire Diamonds, beside Stephen's Green Shopping Centre, offers the finest of diamond rings without the cost of high street shops.

Once you’ve got that out of the way, our simple tips will make sure it goes just as smooth as it should.

Pack accordingly

Whatever you do, make sure you have the ring. Don't put it in your check in bag, last thing you want is for it not to appear on the carousel! Put it in your carry on bag, or carry it on your body. Be careful though, make sure the surprise doesn’t get spoiled during an awkward airport security moment.

Read reviews before you go


Nobody wants to remember their engagement as a holiday spent in an awful hotel, or where the question was popped in a tacky fast food restaurant. Read reviews of everywhere before you go to make sure it’s what you have in mind. These can be found easily on sites like Tripadvisor, or just by googling names.

Ask for advice

We all know someone whose gotten engaged before us. Use their experience to your advantage! Also ask your significant other’s friends if they have any recommendations too. Maybe they’ve chatted about how much they cringe over cheesy, romantic proposals!

Choose the right moment

Think about it, would they prefer to be proposed to in public or private? If it’s in a restaurant, consider calling ahead to alert the staff. Maybe they could find a cosy, private spot where you can share the moment. If you’re into elaborate gestures, make sure to use your common sense. Rings hidden in food or drinks are a choking hazard!


Have a back up plan

Worst case scenario, you’re going to get rejected. In which case, the rest of your holiday could be a little awkward. If you don’t think you could face the devastation, consider organising an easy way out. Look up cheap, early flights- just in case!

All the signs are there, now all you have to do is propose this summer. Located on King Street South, Voltaire Diamonds offers the finest of diamond rings without the cost of high street shops. Get in contact today to see how they can help you choose the perfect engagement ring by calling 01-6778449. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to find out what they have on offer!

Brought to you by Voltaire Diamonds