PIC: Irish fella on his stag party learns the dangers of tan lines before a wedding 4 years ago

PIC: Irish fella on his stag party learns the dangers of tan lines before a wedding

Oh sweet Jesus...

Many people believe that the problem with having stag parties abroad is that there's a chance one of the party won't make it home at the end of it.


But for Irish stags, there's a far more straightforward problem to deal with for much of the people involved.

We're not used to the sun in Ireland and as such, many among our ranks can't quite cope with long periods of exposure to the golden rays of the orb in the sky.

Aidan Gannon from Athenry, Galway went on his stag party to the US and it's safe to say that he won't be forgetting it in a hurry, if this photo sent in by his mate Daniel Mullen is anything to go by.

Speaking to JOE, Aidan told us that there's a group of seven of them on the stag and that each one of them is in a similar state because they're "a collective group of idiots".

In Aidan's defence, the lighting in the In N' Out Burger they're in is particularly unflattering, and doesn't do much to lessen the severity of the sunburn yet another pale Irish man has endured in a sunny country.

How did his other half take the photo?


"The bride-to-be already told me she'd have cancelled the photographer if it had been closer," Aidan said.

Luckily the pair aren't getting married until September so he will have plenty of time to even out that tan before then.

Cheers to Daniel Mullen for sending this our way. 
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