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12th Aug 2014

Pic: Man in China fails to recognise knife sticking out of his head after it falls from high-rise apartment


A Chinese man was lucky to be alive after a knife fell from a high-rise apartment and into his head.

Xiao Yunzhi who was out for a walk was informed of the blade was protruding from his skull by a tobacconist he walked by moments after it entered his scalp.


Once informed Mr. Xiao as told of the knife he was overcome by pain and had to be rushed to the emergency room.

The knife is said to have fallen from a Mr. Wu’s apartment who left the knife on some flower pots and didn’t consider the idea it would fall from the ledge.

His sister described her horror upon arriving at the scene;

“It was terrifying to see,” she is quoted as saying in the Telegraph.

“The knife handle was sticking out of the top.”


The knife has been removed but it is not clear whether the man will have lasting damage from the incident.

Then again, here at JOE we recognise the difficulty in diagnosing the wellbeing of a man who didn’t know there was a knife sticking out of his head in the first place.

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