Pic: Roddy Doyle's brilliant post about the same-sex marriage referendum is must-read 7 years ago

Pic: Roddy Doyle's brilliant post about the same-sex marriage referendum is must-read

Gorgeous an' over-rated.

There's been plenty of open-letters and opinion pieces about the same-sex marriage referendum that's coming up on May 22.


The brilliant Irish writer Roddy Doyle decided to give his take on the whole thing on Facebook this evening.

The post involves a conversation between two men, it will make you laugh and make you think, it's brilliant stuff.


-Which way are yeh votin’ in the gay thing?-The marriage equality referendum?-Yeah.-Yes.-You’re votin’...

Posted by Roddy Doyle on Wednesday, April 29, 2015

-Which way are yeh votin’ in the gay thing?
-The marriage equality referendum?
-You’re votin’ Yes?
-Me sister’s son – me nephew.
-He’s gay, is he?
-So you’re supportin’ him.
-Have you become Joe fuckin’ Duffy or somethin’?
-I’m just curious.
-Then, no, I’m not supportin’ him.
-But you’re votin’ Yes?
-Look it, he’s a grand kid but he’s an irritatin’ little prick as well.
-So – . I don’t get yeh.
-I’m watchin’ the football, righ’. He always comes to the house when I’m watchin’ the football. An’ he sits beside me – grand. But then – say it’s Real Madrid. He’ll go, ‘Oh, I love Ronaldo’, or ‘Pass it to Ronaldo.’ So – like, last night, I lost it a bit and I said, ‘What’s so special about Ronaldo?’ An’ he says, ‘His pace, his accuracy, his leap, his ability with the dead ball, the way he can turn, his engine – the stats speak for themselves.’ Never mentioned his fuckin’ hair or his six-pack or whatever they’re callin’ muscles these days.
-An’ that annoyed yeh?
-Well, he fooled me. No – he made me think like a fool. An’ he’s always doin’ it – catchin’ me ou’. So, I thought to meself, ‘A few years o’ marriage will fix tha’ little fucker’s cough for him.’
-That’s why you’re votin’ Yes? It can’t be - .
-No. I’m just messin’. Look - fuck it, I love him. He’s a great kid an’ if he ever wants to get married, he should be able to. An’ me sister can have her big day as well.
-An’ he obviously knows his football.
-Oh, he does, yeah.
-What’s he think of James Rodriguez?
-Same as meself. Gorgeous an’ over-rated.