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03rd Apr 2017

A public-named ferry is keeping the spirit of Boaty McBoatFace alive

Paul Moore

Floaty McFloatface isn’t even the best name!

Brexit, Trump, Toblorones, Ranieri.

We don’t blame certain people if their faith in the world has been absolutely shaken to the core over the last year. We all know that politics is a domain that’s shrouded in corruption, lies and broken promises, but one issue tested the public’s patience in way that was unparalleled.

Nobody will ever forget the biggest insult to democracy.

We all democratically voted for the Natural Environment Research Council to use the name Boaty McBoatface for their new vessel and they backed out.

Yes, those scars still run deep.

Of course we’re wishing the best of luck to all those on the RRS David Attenborough, but much like Gritty McGritterface and Footy McFootyface, we’re eagerly watching the next move that the Isle of Wight Council will make.

After asking the public to name their new floating bridge, the great people of the Internet have decided to celebrate the memory of the noble, virtuous and democratically-elected Boaty McBoatface in the bets way possible.

Here’s hoping that ‘Floating Bridge Number 6’ will forever be known as Floaty McFloatface.

With over 3,000 votes cast already, now is the time for you to make a difference.

Floaty McFloatface, you know is makes sense.

Other incredible names that have been suggested include; Giant Floater, The Floater, Floatwood Mac, Bryan Ferry, Ferry McFerryface and You Float my Boat.

You know what to do.

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