Ryan Tubridy pays tribute to Vicky Phelan during his final Late Late 4 months ago

Ryan Tubridy pays tribute to Vicky Phelan during his final Late Late

"She was just an extraordinary human being"

Ryan Tubridy has paid tribute to the late Vicky Phelan during his final Late Late Show. The cervical cancer campaigner appeared on the show multiple times before her heartbreaking death in 2022.


During his final Late Late Show, Ryan Tubridy honoured Vicky Phelan.

The presenter welcomed her younger sister, Lindsay on the show. She confirmed that Vicky's children are doing as well as can be following the harrowing loss of their mum in November. She said they're strong and resilient just like their mother was.

Lindsay also praised Ryan Tubridy for being a friend to Vicky.

Tubridy shared,  "Her final interview is one that lives in my memory forever."

"We had so much fun up here. I want to thank you Ryan for being such a good friend to her," Vicky's sister added.

"On behalf of everyone in Ireland, we loved your sister, we miss her," Ryan added.


Tubridy thanked Lindsay and Vicky's family for "sharing her with all of Ireland".

He continued, "We are thinking of Lynsey Bennett and Emma Mic Mhathúna, and Laura Brennan."

Vicky Phelan Ryan Tubridy and Vicky Phelan (Images: Rolling News)

Vicky Phelan was a regular on The Late Late Show

In November 2021, Vicky Phelan joined Ryan Tubridy on the show and admitted she had feared she would not make it to Christmas.

"That's how real this is for me," she said. "At this stage, I've been fighting this terminal part of the disease since 2018."

She continued: "I've always known this cancer is incurable. I've been very realistic about it." Phelan passed away in November 2022, at the age of 48.


Tubridy was later joined by comedian PJ Gallagher, broadcaster Charlie Bird, and musician Andrea Corr and also received video messages from Sir Paul McCartney and Saoirse Ronan.

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