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19th Jun 2018

WATCH: This simple Pringles hack could make your life a lot easier

Alan Loughnane


Mo’ Pringles, Mo’ Problems.

OK, it’s not a massive issue but it is a minor inconvenience. The Pringles can is not exactly user-friendly when trying to extract a ludicrously tasty Pringle from its depths.

Certain people’s hands are too big for the can, meaning the tip method is necessary, although this may lead to unwanted spillages as the debris from the bottom of the can rush to the entrance in an unstoppable wave.

Chances are, as you get down towards the bottom, if you use either of these methods, you’re going to be left with some broken Pringles and a feeling of utter dissatisfaction. You sad loser.

But, there’s a simple trick to quickly and easily remove your Pringles from your can, without breaking any of the precious merchandise inside, or causing spillages in every direction.

In this recent Reddit thread, a user pointed out this brilliant tip that will simplify your life.

It’s as easy as…

  1. Fold a sheet of paper in three
  2. Insert it into the container, between the container and the Pringles
  3. Slide the sheet of paper and enjoy your flawless Pringles

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