Space Cadets: Canadian politicians John Baird and Pat Martin 7 years ago

Space Cadets: Canadian politicians John Baird and Pat Martin

John Baird and Pat Martin are two Canadian politicians who are seemingly quite concerned about the possibility of a zombie apocalypse

This week in Canada has seen some interesting stuff going on in the House of Commons as the Minister for Foreign Affairs John Baird and the Member of Parliament for the National Democratic Party Pat Martin have been discussing the threat that Canada faces from an invasion across its borders. The invaders? Zombies, of course.

Martin began his question by speaking about the centre for disease control in Atlanta and Quebec, which have put in place measures to deal with an invasion of zombies, which is obviously crucial work for the two centres to be doing.

What he wanted to ensure, of course, was whether or not John Baird had been working with his counterparts in America to come up with a strategy should the unthinkable happen, since, as he rightly points out, “zombies don't recognise borders” and that were they to invade the United States they'd cause a pandemic, which could turn into the zombie apocalypse!

Baird took the question well, noting that he was “dead-icated” (top punning from the Minister there) to ensuring no such apocalypse occurred, finishing with a rousing declaration that Canada would never become a safe haven for zombies!

Get a look at the whole video below, we really want someone to field this question to Enda Kenny and Eamon Gilmore during the next question time...if only any members of the Dail actually went to the building.

We suppose it also shows that things in Canada must be going well if they've got time in the House of Commons to be devising a plan for the impending zombie invasion. We say impending because there must be one at some stage, why would TV and movies lie to us?