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17th Feb 2015

The Top 10 sexiest holiday destinations have been revealed

What? No Nobber?

Oisin Collins

Planning on a sexy vacation away with your partner this year?

Then take a gander at the destinations below, because they have been ranked as the ten sexiest holiday hot spots from around the world.

The list was compiled by the good folk over at Expedia who asked 1000 people from the US to choose what they thought were the sexiest places on the planet.

We were a tad surprised to see that neither Nobber in Co. Meath nor Muff in Co. Donegal managed to make the top ten, so here’s to getting that changed for next year’s list.

Any guesses as to what made the top spot? We’ll give you a very unnecessary hint…

2014 Bastille Day Fireworks At Eiffel Tower

That’s right. Unsurprisingly, Paris claimed the top spot in Expedia’s Heat Index

  1. Paris

  2. Las Vegas

  3. Cancun

  4. Bahamas

  5. Miami

  6. Barcelona

  7. New York City

  8. Rio de Janeiro

  9. St Thomas

  10. Jamaica

H/T i100