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17th Apr 2024

Boarding pass warning you need to take note of before your summer holidays

Kat O'Connor

Don’t forget this important boarding pass tip.

If anyone else is jetting off on holidays this summer then make sure you don’t make this boarding pass error.

We’re all gearing up for our summer holidays and it’s safe to say they’re desperately needed.

All we can think of is switching off from reality and reading by the pool for a handful of days. It isn’t much but it’s enough, right?

The little trips we dot throughout the year are essential in keeping us going. After all, don’t we all need something to look forward to?

Boarding pass warning you need to take note of before your summer holidays

If you’re planning on heading away on your summer break then make sure to check the boarding pass rules before you head to the airport.

We often just download our it onto our phones, but some airlines won’t accept this.

It’s best to be prepared when it comes to something like this so always double check if you need your boarding pass printed out or not before you head away.

If you’re traveling to Morrocco then you need to print out your boarding pass rather than using the digital version.

The same goes for people travelling to Turkey. You must have a physical print of your boarding pass due to differing rules.

You are able to check into your flight by using the app but you must have a physical copy of your pass.

According to Ryanair: “Your boarding pass must be printed on a single A4 page.”

Ryanair has stressed that most passengers don’t need to print their boarding passes out but their team can print it out for you at the check-in desk.

However, you will be charged a boarding car reissue fee for each passenger who needs a physical copy.

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