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04th May 2017

“They thought it would destroy the town”… One man goes in search of Leitrim’s traffic lights


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At stake, the freedom of Leitrim.

Ireland’s first social chat show, The JOE Show, premiered on Tuesday evening. Broadcasting every Tuesday night on Facebook and Twitter, hosts Paddy McKenna and Eoghan Doherty will chat to some studio guests and introduce some top class Irish music.

They will also be discussing the biggest stories on JOE from the week, such as vegan Guinness and the worst sunburn of 2017 (the year is young). But some stories require more digging, some stories require the recruitment of our investigation team, AKA Kymann Power.

Power is a serial blagger who can talk his way into a Conor McGregor fight (very different from talking yourself into a fight with Conor McGregor) and fly around Europe on a pittance.

We sent him to Carrick-on-Shannon to get to the bottom of a mystery that has dogged us for decades: Does Leitrim have a set of traffic lights?

It does, of course.

The real mystery here is why are the locals so reluctant to admit to it. Power encountered talk of a 1990s protest against the installation of lights… they printed T-Shirts supposedly.

Legendary barber Michael Masterson explained the reasoning behind the movement: “They thought it would destroy the town.”

Masterson, to Power’s face (and Instagram story), told him the only traffic lights in Leitrim are on the canals, or on roadworks, and they don’t count.

Mere yards up the road, Power encountered a pedestrian crossing, with TRAFFIC LIGHTS.

So, Leitrim people, why the reluctance to admit it?

JOE’s resident Ridge County son, Paddy McKenna, explained it thusly.

“To be fair, that is our touristy thing. Like in Dingle when people say, ‘Yeah, that Dolphin is 50 years old.'”

Leitrim’s web of lies has been torn asunder. More internet memes and myths will be explored every week on The JOE Show.

Do you have a story that requires Kymann Power’s sleuthing? Hit him upon Instagram or email [email protected].