WATCH: Two lads loiter in Dublin Airport's executive lounge to hoover up as much loot as possible 6 years ago

WATCH: Two lads loiter in Dublin Airport's executive lounge to hoover up as much loot as possible

Pushing the term 'complimentary' to new limits...

On the latest episode of The JOE Show, we got the lowdown on Ireland's hottest stories, listened to brilliant new music, and met young rockers The Strypes.


After looking at this week's Paddy Losty activity, the Shifts view on food and worldwide attempts at the #BowWowChallenge, one question remained: how much free stuff can you use in Dublin Airport's executive lounge?

Myself and serial blagger Kymann Power set off with the goal of making a profit from the adventure. Dressed to the nines and with no concept of what lay ahead of us, we landed (ayyy) at the airport with the cheapest tickets we could buy.

After flying through security (ayyy again) we marched into the lounge to be greeted by an array of people wearing totally normal clothes - not a pocket square, monocle or pair of white trousers to be seen. Needless to say, we stuck out like a pair of nuns squatting in a cucumber field.

Our fellow lounge-mates looked on in horror as we loaded up our plates with Irish-granny-sized portions, carried an array of beverages and grabbed 10 newspapers each. Soon, we were installed in the corner, scarfing down sandwiches, cheese and biscuits like a Healy-Rae with a death wish.


After 11 cups of coffee we hit some turbulence (ayyy once more) before waddling down to the Terminal 2 lounge to avail of the shower facilities. After a lengthy shower and gratuitous use of the free bodywash, I emerged to see Kymann helping himself to fourths at the food table.

We managed to stay for a full six hours, eating and drinking our way through the lounge's food supplies, while managing to take a few souvenirs in the form of papers, crisps and drinks.

Eventually, the last flight left and we had to navigate our way through a completely closed airport. After half an hour we emerged, catastrophically full but victorious, having made a profit of almost €90.

Tune in next Tuesday at 8:30pm for more thrills, spills and chancer-related activity, only on The JOE Show.


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