Temperatures to hit 26 degrees in parts of Ireland tomorrow 4 months ago

Temperatures to hit 26 degrees in parts of Ireland tomorrow

At what point is the weather going too far?

2020 has seen our climate take the idea of Leaving Cert weather to its extreme endpoint, by providing months of beautiful weather all at a time when we are supposed to be staying indoors as much as possible.

There is no sign of any let-up on that front, as Met 脡ireann is forecasting highs of between 22 and 26 degrees across Ireland tomorrow (28 May).

It looks like the entire west coast, as well as the midlands, will have it the best - averaging temperatures of 25 degrees during the PM hours on Thursday.


But it's not much worse for those of us on the east coast, where temperatures of 20 degrees will be the norm.

For now, Friday looks just the same, with Met 脡ireann predicting it will be: "Dry with good sunshine and temperatures in the low to mid- twenties in parts of the west and northwest, but more typically high teens and low twenties in the east and south in a moderate south to southeast breezes."

Beer gardens are out, of course, but you can still have some cans in your back yard, so it's not all hopeless. Better than the rain anyway, that's for sure.

Met 脡ireann's national forecast can be read in full here.