Here's how the weather is shaping up for St Patrick's Day 5 years ago

Here's how the weather is shaping up for St Patrick's Day

Hint: Bring a coat.

For those of you planning on heading out next Saturday for St. Patrick's Day, you might want to do yourself a favour bring a jumper or two along with you for the evening, as Ireland readies itself for some freezing cold conditions next weekend.


Despite the rise in temperature this week to early teens after Storm Emma, it looks like were in for some more sub-zero temperatures in the coming days.

According to Met Éireann, temperatures are set to stay steadily between the range of 7°C and 12°C during the week, with a significant drop ahead of the weekend.

"At the moment it looks like it will turn a bit colder on St. Patricks day, but current indications are that it will stay mainly dry," the forecaster predicted.

Confirming this is fellow online weather forecasting service AccuWeather, which also predicts cold snap set to takeover on Paddy's Day, with an icy start predicted for the morning of 18 March.


Online forecaster Twitter profile @CarlowWeather also shared a chart from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts which predicts "cold Arctic and Siberian air" possibly again encroaching into our airspace on Sunday.

Carlow Weather took to Twitter to share the forecast, pairing it with the headline: "Someone needs to tell the weather charts it’s Spring"


So yeah, bring a coat. Or three.