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05th Aug 2014

WTF? Chinese fisherman drags sea beast through the streets to local fish market


This may look like a scene from a Kaiju movie but this is real life we assure you. We are not happy about it either.

Molly Malone may have wheeled her wheel barrow through the streets broad and narrow but she was only transporting some smelly shell fish; this Chinese fisherman decided to scare the SHITE out of everyone around.

This giant whale shark was caught by Cai Chengzhu, a fishing boat captain who said the creature broke into the net to eats the ships haul of fish.


Pic via New York Post

Cai was so happy with himself that he threw the giant onto his truck and drove the carcass through the streets and no doubt gave the local children some future therapy fodder.

It turned out that the whale shark is in fact endangered, making this display that little bit worse. We know we’re going to be seeing this image when we try and get some sleep tonight.

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