31 Days Of Hallowe'en: REC (2007) & REC 2 (2009) 6 years ago

31 Days Of Hallowe'en: REC (2007) & REC 2 (2009)

Welcome to JOE's 31 Days Of Hallowe'en. For each and every day of October, we'll be bringing you a horror movie to tuck into for the lead up to the big night. It could be new, old, an undiscovered gem, or a classic you'll have seen a thousand times. No matter what it is, we guarantee you that it is brilliant, and it is SCARY.

For Day 14, we're doing a Spanish-language zombie double bill, [REC] and [REC]2.


It isn't a proper scary movie season unless you do a double-bill, and for that we fully recommend you check out these two insanely intense zombie movies which will have you screaming yourself to the point of exhaustion, and combined they come in well under three hours.

You might kind of recognise the first [REC] movie - it was competently remade in America as Quarantine to some decent success - but like most things, the original remains the best.

A documentary crew tag along with a fire-crew for the night, and end up getting trapped inside an apartment block when the local government source back an extremely dangerous variation of rabies to that address. However, this particular strain ... well ... it turns people into murderous zombies.


Clip via filmotech

Usually, with found footage horrors, you're immediately taken out of the situation when you constantly ask yourself why the camera-person doesn't just put the bulky recording equipment down and try to run away from the scary stuff.

In [REC], the camera is almost a necessity, from the attached light helping in dark areas, and night-vision used when everything pretty much goes to hell, and the same common sense is attached to the just-as-good sequel.

Picking up just moments after the first movie ends, [REC]2 follows a group of soldiers who are sent into the building to look for survivors and try to find out exactly what went wrong. Each of them have an in-built camera attached to their body armour and weaponry, pitching us straight into the depths of the horror as they soon realise that this is more than just a rabies outbreak gone wrong.


If it feels like we're not going into too much detail in the story, that is because the plot actually develops into some scary directions that we never would have seen coming from a million miles, and it is those crazy plot-twists that we absolutely love the movies for.

That and all the zombies.

Clip via horrornymphs


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