Hector sets off on ‘the greatest adventure of them all’ in new TG4 travel series 2 years ago

Hector sets off on ‘the greatest adventure of them all’ in new TG4 travel series

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These aren’t the type of places you'll find in your average travel brochure.


You won’t find too many people in Ireland as well-travelled as Hector ó hEochagáin, but the broadcaster will be setting foot in parts of the world unknown even to him in a new TG4 travel series.

In Ó Siberia go Saigon, which begins this Thursday (25 October) on TG4, Hector will start off in one of the most remote regions of Siberia on an epic trip across Russia and Asia before finishing up in Saigon eight weeks and over 8,000 kilometres later.

In the first episode, viewers will see Hector chilling with a Russian Orthodox priest in extreme -30°C temperatures (as you do) and from there, he'll be taking in the sights and meeting the people of Mongolia, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand and many more over the course of eight weeks.

If you don’t catch the first episode at 9.30pm this Thursday or any of the subsequent episodes over the course of the series, you can always catch up on the TG4 player here.

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The details for that one are right here.

The longest and most epic journey Hector's ever done begins deep in Siberia, 3500km from Moscow. One of the world's most isolated places, he'll get to know its fascinating history and welcoming people. At the end of his 8,000km journey, Hector will then land in the city of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh). You can catch up with Hector on TG4 Player.


Brought to you by TG4