The first reactions to Derry Girls Season 2 are in and get set for 'the best episode yet' 4 years ago

The first reactions to Derry Girls Season 2 are in and get set for 'the best episode yet'

"As good as the first season". YES!

As soon as the trailer for Season 2 of Derry Girls was released, we immediately had a few questions.


1) What type of 'funny business' will the girls get up to with the Protestant lads that they meet in 'Friends Across the Barricades' resort?

2) Will Orla single-handedly bring back the snow suit?

3) After the good looking one was taken, which fella does Erin shift?

4) Will the girls manage to go and see This and That Take That?


5) What carnage is going to unfold at the dance?

6) Can Sister Michael show us some of her famous Judo moves?

All to be revealed.

After Lisa McGee and Tommy Tiernan both stated that the show looks set to return in March, the excitement levels are building and during a recent interview with UTV, Saoirse-Monica Jacskon (Erin) and Lisa McGee (creator) discussed what fans can expect.


"It's definitely bigger and braver. It's bolder and we sort of venture out a bit more. But they're still the same characters, they're clumsily trying to find their way through their teenage years. They're selfish and mental!," said Jackson.

Lisa McGee provided a few plot details and said that the new season will be set "against the backdrop of the beginnings of the peace process. The gang are very much still getting in and out trouble. They're still trying to grow up - not very successfully!"

In another interview with the BBC, Jackson said that "in episode one, we meet a group of Protestant boys - which is very interesting for each of the characters! In episode two, we've an inspirational teacher, so, it's very special that we're all getting to see it for the very first time in Derry".

Well, the show had its world premiere yesterday in Derry and the first reactions to the very first episodes of Season 2 are in.


If you love Derry Girls, you'll be very happy because the new episodes are all cracker (said in our best Orla voice)

In fact, one fan thinks that the first episode is the best one yet.


Here's what people made of the first two episodes.

We know that you want to watch the trailer again.

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