A crossover between It's Always Sunny and The US Office could be in the works 1 year ago

A crossover between It's Always Sunny and The US Office could be in the works

Two of the funniest TV shows in recent history could be joining forces.

If we were to ask you to name some of the best comedy television series of the past 15 years or so, we'd be absolutely shocked if neither The US Office nor It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia came up.


Whether you prefer one or the other, you should be able to accept that they are masterpieces in the world of funny television.

But as much as you may love the two shows, there's a bit of a playful (or not so playful) rivalry between the two.

It all started with an Instagram post by Rob McElhenney, the creator of It's Always Sunny and the actor who plays the gang's bodyguard, Mac.

He uploaded a video at the set of the The US Office, where he mocked the cast for their show getting cancelled "or something", as he celebrated the fact that him and his gang are still on air.

And as if that's not insulting enough, he basically tagged the entire case of The US Office in the post too.

Take a look:


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The bar inside Dunder Mifflin is now called Paddy’s.

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But it all started really heating up on Steve Carrell's Twitter page, where he stated that there was only one way to settle this whole debacle - a crossover between the two classic shows.

We know that the posts are being made in jest, but stranger things have happened. We can only hope.