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04th Sep 2019

Will Poulter cast in Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series

Dave Hanratty

Amazon Lord of the Rings Will Poulter

A strong start on the casting front…

We know that Amazon has been looking for a Game of Thrones equivalent, or, indeed, champion, for some time now.

With production underway and anticipation patiently building, little has actually been revealed about the show.

Sure, there’s been plenty of intense fan speculation, huge rights fees to get the thing in the first place, and the acquisition of one of Game of Thrones’ most respected writers, but Amazon really has been keeping their take on LOTR tightly under wraps.

Here’s a promising development, however; actor Will Poulter has signed on the dotted line.

You might remember him from The Revenant, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Midsommar, and coming very close to playing Pennywise in the IT reboot before Bill Skarsgård eventually won the role when that production went in a different direction.

In line with all that secrecy, the Variety scoop that confirms Poulter’s involvement doesn’t reveal just what character he is playing, but does note that the role was a hugely coveted one for young actors in recent months.

So it’s a big win for the 26-year-old, whose presence in the show is an early indicator that they’re looking to bring some pedigree to proceedings.

No release date as of yet, so keep that fantasy casting going for now…

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