The amount of food that Mac from Always Sunny ate to put on 60lbs is absolutely revolting 2 years ago

The amount of food that Mac from Always Sunny ate to put on 60lbs is absolutely revolting

Now here's how you cultivate mass.

Haven't seen the new episodes of Always Sunny? Well, we're not going to spoil things for you jabroni but know this, Rob McElhenney (Mac) is astonishing throughout.


As you may know, Ronald McDonald (always funny) has stopped cultivating mass and started to harvest it because the man is seriously ripped. Like, he must have been getting his pump on non-stop while tearing into the fight milk.

Then again, maybe it was all that exercise on the dildo bike? Who knows?

Anyways, to quote his own words, he "went from a tiny twink to a muscle-bound freak", but as fans of the show will know, McElhenney gained an extraordinary amount of weight - 60 pounds - purely as a joke. A joke.

In fact, the gang even structured an episode around his weight gain in 'How Mac Got Fat'.

See, all those chimichangas really did help.

On that note, McElhenney was a guest on the Armchair Expert podcast with Dax Shepard recently, where he shared details about the amount of food he ate to get to that size and it's a colossal list.

On the podcast, McElhenney explained to Shepard how he was able to gain 60 pounds in three months, a feat that was far more difficult than one might imagine.


At the start, he attempted to gain 60 pounds in a “healthy” manner via the advice of a nutritionist. He was told to load up on chicken breasts, rice and vegetables. Shame that rum ham wasn't on the list.

That diet didn’t work.

As McElhenney explained, he just couldn’t force enough chicken and rice down.

“So, I went to my doctor, because I wanted to be monitored through the whole thing, because this is funny. And my doctor said: ‘To be clear, this is not funny. Don’t do this. This is really dangerous'."

After talking with his nutritionist, he was given the option of eating two Big Macs.


“So, I said let’s start doing that [eating two Big Macs a day]. So, then I had Krispy Kreme donuts. Every morning, I would have four of those… and by the afternoon, I was drinking ice cream. I would take ice cream, and I would put it out on the counter in the morning and it would melt and I would put weight gainer in it, and I would drink [melted ice cream] in the afternoon. I was also drinking wine heavily," he said.

We wonder if this wine was straight out of a can? After all, we do know that Mac likes to make very aggressive pointing gestures with his hands.

He adds: “But this was the key. I read that cottage cheese metabolises really slow in your stomach, so if you eat cottage cheese, the last thing you want to do is eat it right before you go to bed because it metabolises so slowly. So, that’s what I decided I had to do. So, I started eating cottage cheese in the middle of the night. I would wake up at 2am and I would eat cottage cheese. One week after that, I came in on a Monday and for whatever reason, it was like I popped… I went from 160 to 220.”

Regarding his epic transformation for the latest season? Well, he has already chatted about that before.


In fact, McElhenney is so ripped that Mac probably doesn't need to perform those ocular pat-downs anymore in Paddy's Pub.

All this without the help of crowtein. What a man.