#TRAILERCHEST: Annihilation might just be the prettiest, freakiest, scariest movie of 2018 3 years ago

#TRAILERCHEST: Annihilation might just be the prettiest, freakiest, scariest movie of 2018

"You really have no idea what it was, do you?"

Welcome to #TrailerChest, where we're taking a sneak peek at the brand new trailer for Annihilation.


Plot's it all about? Where to begin? Portman plays one of five in the female-only expedition into a phenomenon that has suddenly appeared on Earth, in an attempt to investigate what it is and where it came from. Inside, the laws of nature as we know it don't apply, and Portman's husband (Isaac) had previously volunteered to check it out himself, and has been missing since venturing in.

To say much more than that would probably give the game away, but even those who have read the book that this is based on will find it difficult to explain.

Annihilation is the first in a trilogy of sci-fi horror books by Jeff Vandermeer, and this writer has read them, and can safely say they are some of - if not THE - scariest books ever. They have an incredible ability of creating a paranoid, oppressive fear, without us ever fully understanding why. It looks like the movie version has managed to do something similar from this trailer.

And, on top of the hugely impressive cast, we've also got Alex Garland writing the script and directing.

Garland's only other directioral outing was the incredible Ex Machina - which perfectly mixed sci-fi and horror - but he's also written the scripts for 28 Days Later, Sunshine, Dredd, Never Let Me Go and loads more, so he knows what he's doing in those genres.

In short, we can't wait, and we'd be very surprised if it isn't one of the best movies of 2018.

Starring: Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason-Leigh, Tessa Thompson, Oscar Isaac, Gina Rodriguez.


Directed by: Alex Garland

Irish release date: 23 February 2018


Clip via Paramount Pictures