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25th Jun 2013

Are they Taken the mick? Liam Neeson might be back for Taken 3

"I will find you and I will kill you... if you don't let me star in another Taken film" said Liam Neeson. Maybe.

Eoghan Doherty

Liam Neeson’s got a very particular set of skills.

No silly, it’s not that he’s able to put his whole fist inside his mouth at house parties – it’s that he’s able to supposedly negotiate huge sums of money to star in uneccesary sequels to poo action films.

According to Deadline, the 61 year old Irishman may be returning to play retired CIA operative Bryan Mills for a sum of money rumoured to be around the $20 million mark.

Following his daughter’s abduction in the excellent Taken in 2008, series creator Luc Besson released the disappointing Taken 2 in 2012 in which Mills and his wife (Famke Janssen) were kidnapped.

It just remains to be seen who or what will go missing in this possible latest installment – Stevie, his third cousin twice removed? Mary, that lovely woman who works at the local Post Office? Surely it wouldn’t be Bobo his goldfish.

Whatever happens, we hope the filmmakers will consider  some of our top quality working titles – We’re Taken The Piss, Look Who’s Taken Now and Tak3n 3D Step Up To The 3.

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