Billy Connolly says that he's doing good and heaps praise on Tommy Tiernan and Ronnie Drew 1 year ago

Billy Connolly says that he's doing good and heaps praise on Tommy Tiernan and Ronnie Drew

Three legends. Great to hear that the comedy icon is in good spirits despite his health issues.

Only Billy Connolly could find humour in sadness.


How? Well, in a recent interview with RTÉ, the comedy icon was openly laughing about a week where he was diagnosed with cancer, Parkinson's disease, and told that he required a hearing aid.

However, that's why we all love The Big Yin so much.

During a recent chat with Ryan Tubridy on RTÉ Radio 1, the iconic comedian provided a positive update on his health by saying that that he's feeling  "pretty good and had no complaints."

"I'm doing ok - as we speak my left hand is shaking, but I forgot to take my medicine this morning - the medications that I'm on are doing me a great good," said Connolly.

Later in the conversation, he adds that "I'm sitting on the beach, I'm doing good. I go fishing, I draw. and I watch TV. I draw strange things, they're weird to describe! I'm happy, oh yeah. You'll find that if you change happy to content, you're happier than you thought you were."

During the chat with Tubridy, the Scottish comedian also talks about his close friendship with the beloved Ronnie Drew - both men recorded a song together called 'Sergeant, Where's Mine?' which was an anti-recruitment song.

"I was a great friend of his (Ronnie Drew), he was a great hero of mine. I loved the way he sang. Nobody sang like Ronnie Drew but also, his view on life was pretty good. He was a lovely man. They (The Dubliners) were a lovely, hairy band! I remember the first time that I saw them in Glasgow, they looked like dwarves when they came out on stage! It changed my life," said Connolly.


With a new book that's on the shelves soon, Tall Tales and Wee Stories, it's extremely uplifting to hear Connolly chat in such a positive mood. During the conversation, he speaks fondly about his Irish roots - "The Irish influence in my family was huge and I always loved the way they spoke, the entertainment in their conversation was lovely" and much more.

Ultimately, the topic of conversation turned to Connolly's incredible career on the stage and his unique ability to switch gears as the spotlight hits him.

Basically, even if he's having an awful day, The Big Yin can still change his mentality and entertain a live crowd.

As the comedian said himself " your voice changes pitch, the energy levels rise, and the audience provides you with extra adrenaline."

In terms of performers that have this unique ability to instantly switch gears, Connolly was full of praise for two specific people.


"Christy Moore's a great example of that. Tommy Tiernan is the same. He's a quiet, nice, wise guy. Then he goes on stage and he becomes this crazy animal," he said.

For those that are interested in hearing the full chat, you can do so here and it covers a plethora of topics like; why Connolly doesn't like to think about his Parkinson's disease all the time, his incredible career, why he misses travelling, the Brexit shambles, and more.

All in all, it's just great to hear Billy Connolly in good spirits.