Move over all other films - Black Panther is officially the best film EVER MADE 4 years ago

Move over all other films - Black Panther is officially the best film EVER MADE

According to Rotten Tomatoes, anyway...

Have you seen Black Panther yet?


If so, don't miss our exclusive interviews with director Ryan Coogler and stars Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis.

If not, surely your curiosity will be sufficiently piqued by the news that Black Panther is officially the highest-rated movie in the history of popular review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, having successfully knocked The Wizard of Oz off its perch.

If you're unfamiliar, the site gathers professional film critic reviews from across the globe and decides whether the resulting verdict is 'fresh' or 'rotten', ultimately giving an official score out of 100.

At time of writing, Black Panther is sitting pretty with a 97% rating based on 305 fresh and 11 rotten reviews.


By contrast, it boasts an 87 rating on the rather more reliable gauge that is Metacritic, based on 54 reviews.

Rotten Tomatoes is a handy tool for many in the age of streaming and fading attention spans, but there are those - film critics included - who argue that it dumbs down the art of criticism in favour of a more generic catch-all approach.

An approach which leads to things like a brand new, hugely-hyped film being named as the best of all time, for instance.

For now, the Black Panther juggernaut rolls on, having topped the charts at the Irish box office, pulling in €1.4 million in just six days.


Add that to a worldwide total of $426.8 million - and very much counting - and it's one hell of a home run for Marvel and company.