Brian Cox joined ‘007: Road to a Million’ thinking it was the next James Bond film 3 months ago

Brian Cox joined ‘007: Road to a Million’ thinking it was the next James Bond film

"I thought this was my moment"

British actor Brian Cox has made a startling confession on Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.


The 77-year-old was recently offered a role on the new reality TV show 007: Road to a Million in which contestants compete in Bond-inspired challenges for a cash prize.

Brian Cox however thought a much bigger career milestone had landed at this feet...

"I thought it was the new James Bond film.

So I said, ‘Oh, finally they’re getting me in a James Bond movie'. I thought, 'Yes, of course!'"

Brian Cox at the "007: Road To A Million" Premiere (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

A real Cox up!

Unfortunately for Brian Cox, and the film-loving public, he quickly learned that “there was no script and there was no James Bond movie.”

He added:


“For years, I thought, you know I would love to be in James Bond. It would be really interesting. And I thought this was my moment, but it wasn’t.”

He's instead taking part as the game controller of Amazon Prime's latest reality series 007: Road to a Million.

Nine pairs of average joes will channel their inner Bonds, competing in 007 style challenges for a big money prize. Unfortunately we won't be seeing Brian Cox with a shaken not stirred martini any time soon.

007: Road to a Million is available to stream on Amazon Prime from 10 November. The early reviews for the show say the 'scene-chewingly villainous' Brian Cox is the best thing about it.


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