Succession's Brian Cox is relieved the secret about his character is finally out 5 months ago

Succession's Brian Cox is relieved the secret about his character is finally out

Logan Roy has left the building.

In the latest episode of the final season of Succession, we finally say goodbye to the foul-mouthed patriarch, Logan Roy.


Brian Cox, who plays the ill-fated Waystar Royco founder, has very much come to terms with his character's time being up. In an interview with Vulture, Cox was asked whether he it was a relief that he doesn't have to keep any more secrets.

"From one sense, it is," he responded. "I’m very proud of myself because I’ve never been able to keep secrets and this is one secret I actually did rather well on."

Cox revealed that series creator Jesse Armstrong told him that Logan would die in the third episode just before the fourth season started production.

"The explanation was that the reason was obvious. It’s about succession. You need a corpse. If it was a different kind of show, it could have gone into a more mysterious frame — Is Logan dead? That kind of stuff. But I think Jesse realized it had to be the way it had to be, and he made the decision to do that."


Despite filming his final moments on screen, Cox said he did return to set to film some flashbacks after he finished up.

"I do pop back and I have a couple scenes later on, which is flashback stuff. But I didn’t really see the cast very much. I suppose the last big thing we did together was a retake of the karaoke. There, Logan really says, to me, the truest line in the show: 'I love you, but you’re not serious people.'"


The 76-year-old is keeping very busy despite his Succession role coming to an end. Next year, he stars in the animated Lord of the Rings film The War of the Rohirrim as well as Russo brothers' flick The Electric State. He also plans on returning to theatre acting.

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