The cast of Succession on shooting the next season in Ireland 1 month ago

The cast of Succession on shooting the next season in Ireland

We're sure Waystar-Royco would really enjoy the tax breaks...

Over the first two seasons of Succession, the gang have found themselves pretty much all over the world.


America, England, Scotland, Canada, Iceland, Hungary, Turkey, and the width and breadth of the Mediterranean during that mega-yacht episode.

The third season kicks off with an international bang too, as half of the Roy family set up shop in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With so much globetrotting going on, we are genuinely surprised that the show hasn't landed in Ireland yet.

Look at the checklist:

Big tech hub, perfect for a communications company like Waystar-Royco to set a HQ up in.

Big tax breaks, which... well... a company like Waystar-Royco would probably love to take advantage of.

Big castles, which the Roy family absolutely love having big arguments in.

So it makes perfect sense to us, and it also makes perfect sense to the cast of the show.


We caught up with some of the stars of Succession in the run-up to the launch of the third season on NOW this week, and first up you'll here from the sorta-CEO herself Gerri (J. Smith-Cameron):

When we mentioned the Ireland idea to J. Smith-Cameron, she was 100% in favour of it:

"I'm [surprised] too. Lets go! Lets go to Ireland! I'll say it to them [the creators of the show]. I don't know if they'll listen to me, but... Tax breaks were the magic words! The tax breaks, but also the green and the beauty and the castles!"

Next up, we've got Tom (Matthew Macfayden), who is also outstandingly high within the Waystar-Royco hierarchy:


Macfayden spent a long time in Ireland a few years ago when filming Ripper Street, so returning here for his new hit show also makes a lot of sense for him:

"I have a big soft spot for Dublin, and I miss it. Why not? I think it is a really good idea. It is [a tech hub] and there are lovely big castles we can go and have really dysfunctional family gatherings. As soon as this [interview] is over, I'm going to go and speak to him [Jesse Armstrong, creator of the show]."

Additionally, you can check out our interview with Connor Roy (Alan Ruck), who doesn't feature highly within the company, but has big ideas for the future of his particular character: