Celebrity Gogglebox Ireland to air with strong line-up 2 weeks ago

Celebrity Gogglebox Ireland to air with strong line-up

The first batch of celebrities taking part in the one-off special have been announced.

Ireland's very own version of Celebrity Gogglebox is set to air later this month, with several of the celebrities taking part already being revealed.


Virgin Media Television first confirmed that comedian Tommy Tiernan and presenters Hector Ó hEochagáin and Laurita Blewitt will be on the couch for the one-off celebrity episode of the Irish programme.

It was announced later that comedian Alison Spittle and singer-turned-TV personality Kerry Katona are also part of the line-up for the special.

The celebrity episode of Irish Gogglebox is airing as part of celebrations to mark 25 years of Virgin Media Television.


celebrity gogglebox ireland rolling Tommy Tiernan will be on Celebrity Gogglebox Ireland - Image by Andres Poveda/Rolling News.

In a statement about the special, the media company said:

"Celebs from various strands of Irish life take to the sofa and react to the very best of television as it happens! So, sit back and watch TV, to watch others sit back and watch TV.

"Keep an eye on Virgin Media Television’s social channels across the coming days, as more of the ‘celebrity households’ will be revealed."


Meanwhile, Spittle said of her involvement with Celebrity Gogglebox Ireland: “I love Gogglebox, I've always wondered what it was like to watch telly on telly like a TV turducken.

"Delighted to show Kerry the glamorous delights of Moate and the surrounding environs of Westmeath. Failing that we'll just watch TV.”

Celebrity Gogglebox Ireland will air next Wednesday, 20 September at 9 pm on Virgin Media One and Virgin Media Player.

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