David Attenborough is making a brand new three-part documentary series that sounds excellent 1 year ago

David Attenborough is making a brand new three-part documentary series that sounds excellent

The return of the documentary king. He has two shows that are set to be released.

As the winter season approaches, there are a few certainties that you can bank on.


Colder nights, darker mornings, and the Christmas season getting earlier and earlier.

However, one of the main highlights of this time in the TV schedule is that the beloved David Attenborough usually has a new documentary arriving on our screens and this year is no exception.

The BBC have announced details of his new three-part documentary series and Life In Colour sounds terrific.

As per the official synopsis, the series "will explore the many ways animals use colour throughout their lives. Colour plays a vital role in the daily interactions of many species, but the colour we can see tells only part of the story. Using new cameras built specifically for this series, Life In Colour will reveal a world of colour normally invisible to human eyes."

Filming is set to take place across the globe, with particular emphasis on Australia.

Humble Bee Films are making the documentary and they've previously worked with Attenborough on four series of Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities and more recently on his BBC One special, Attenborough And The Giant Elephant.

Tom McDonald, Head of Commissioning, Natural History and Specialist Factual at the BBC has said: “Life In Colour promises to be a unique and original insight into the natural world. Deploying innovative new technology to reveal our world in new ways, I'm thrilled that we are working with Sir David on a series which promises spectacle and insight.”


Life In Colour is set to be released in early 2021.

This isn't the only documentary series that Attenborough has been working on though because he has another feature that's set to be released, Extinction: The Facts.

During the course of that documentary, the beloved broadcaster will investigate what the future holds for our planet.

The official synopsis for Extinction: The Facts that: "Extinction: The Facts looks beyond our emotions to investigate what the extinction crisis means, not just for the planet but for every one of us. World-leading scientists will explore why species are disappearing at such an alarming rate and will ask what that means for humanity."

Two David Attenborough documentaries? Bring it on!