Denzel Washington talking about three of his most iconic scenes is absolutely magnificent 5 years ago

Denzel Washington talking about three of his most iconic scenes is absolutely magnificent

Man On Fire, Crimson Tide and Training Day. Incredible films.

Three raps on the door. One lock that's sealed. Five Russian gangsters that are brutally killed. One word that's said aloud by Robert McCall. 28 seconds that encapsulate the effortlessly cool appeal of Denzel Washington.


With The Equalizer 2 currently in cinemas, there has been plenty said about the fact that this is the first sequel that the two-time Academy Award winner has made in his career and in some ways, it seems a perfect fit.

This being said, we're confident in saying that The Equalizer isn't even Denzel's best action film. We've already expressed our undying love for Man On Fire but when you look through the list of Washington's best action/dramas, it's hard to argue that The Equalizer is better than Unstoppable, Crimson Tide , Glory, Inside Man, Training Day.

The Equalizer wasn't as critically adored as some of those previous titles but at present, Antoine Fuqua's original holds a 60% rating on Rotten Tomatoes - not the be all and end all - but the film did land where it matters most, with audiences.

A budget of $55 million saw returns of $192,330,738 and it's easy too see why this slick and violent revenge story resonated with fans.


He even told us why this was the perfect time to make his first sequel.

The Equalizer is essentially a superhero film that taps into the market that Taken's success highlighted, a throwback to the Death Wish and Dirty Harry era of Hollywood revenge flicks. The lone vigilante arc has always been a fertile ground for Hollywood to play with but Washington is an actor that's unlike any other.

He can elevate an average script into a very good film and in terms of dialogue, very few actors can deliver one-liners and threats with such an aura of menace and cool authority.


Simply put, nobody commands a screen like Denzel Washington and when you give him a character that has incredible levels of motivation, anger, and purpose, it's box-office gold.

This being said, during a recent interview with Alex Zane on Sky, the two-time Oscar winner talked about some of his favourite scenes and it's essential for anyone that loves Washington on screen - especially if you're a fan of Man Of Fire, Crimson Tide, and Training Day.


Here's what Washington had to say about that iconic interrogation scene in Tony Scott's revenge epic. Allow us to set the scene.

Creasy has just tracked down one of the cops that was complicit in the Pita's kidnapping and he's about to take his vengeance.  "I had...more time" to enjoy this magnificent scene but as Washington said, that iconic line was entirely improvised.

Here's what he said about that 'bum bomb' and working with the late Tony Scott.

"I loved him and he was so passionate - he also knew what the heck he was doing - but he trusted me and I trusted him. You know, we would do takes and he’s a tough guy, a macho guy, but I’d spot him in the corner sometimes crying after seeing a shot in the scene. He’d go through all the emotions. He cared, he really cared."

Denzel Washington


Washington adds: "Tony was a genius that was ahead of his time. I loved working with him. Man on Fire was a whole new style. That film is my wife’s favourite. We sort of found, well I found with Tony, doing these character based action films on the back of Man On Fire - even up to now with The Equaliser 2."

Regarding the iconic line in this scene, he said: "That’s an ad-lib. Now this was an interesting day - this shot coming up right there (the explosion as he walks away from the car) - and this close-up - the heat was unreal. I had to play it cool but I heard this boom and I’m like ‘don’t blink, just be cool’ and then you start to feel this heat.

He adds: "All the cameras are looking at me and I’m saying to myself ‘I hope to God someone tells me if I’m about to burn up because it’s getting awful hot in here!’ We were under the highways so the heat couldn’t rise into the sky, so it just came up and got me.”

Clip via - Movieclips

Of course, this wasn't the only time that Washington worked with the Top Gun director because for many people, Crimson Tide was their finest collaboration.

Taught, claustrophobic and tense as hell, the story of a young First Officer who stages a mutiny on a U.S. nuclear missile sub, to prevent his trigger happy Captain from launching his missiles, provided us with some breathtaking scenes and one is more memorable than the rest - Washington vs Hackman.

"Gene Hackman, man. You’re in there with a master and you’re fighting for your life. You better bring your A-game because this is Gene Hackman. I remember when I was that scene with Gene and I’m just watching him. I was like ‘Gene Hackman is yelling at me’ and then it kicks-in that I have to start acting. We’re just like two kids arguing! The whole way, the whole way!"

Two actors at the top of their craft.

Clip via -  Film Vibe

After being nominated and missing out for Best Actor in a Leading Role for The Hurricane and Malcolm X, the superb actor finally landed his second Oscar for his superb turn as Detective Alonzo Harris in Training Day.

Washington's performance as the dirty cop that's gotten too deep into the criminal underworld, corrupting himself in the process, was an absolute tour-de-force that features one of - if not THE - most quotable line of his career.

Oh yes, King Kong ain't got shit on Denzel and what would you know, that line was improvised too.

"That was an in the moment thing. His (Alonzo's) ego was so big that King Kong didn’t even register. I always tell people that in the end of Training Day, when het gets out of his car, he’s heading to his trunk to try and get some guns. He still thinks that he can get away with it. He was all about the ego."

Ladies and gentlemen, Denzel Washington.

An actor that defines the word icon.

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