Disney+ has just added one of the very best movies of 2023 4 months ago

Disney+ has just added one of the very best movies of 2023

It has an outstanding score of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Chances are pretty good that you didn't see Rye Lane when it arrived in cinemas on March 17 earlier this year. Released a week after Scream VI, it was put out on the big screen on the exact same day as both Shazam! Fury of the Gods and Pearl, so the movie got lost in the pre-summer big releases, and made less than $1.5 million at the global box office.


Which is a crying shame, as come the end of 2023, you should probably expect to see this movie mentioned on multiple Best Of 2023 lists. The incredibly entertaining rom-com-dram tells the story of Dom (David Jonsson) and Yas (Vivian Oprarah), two young adults both still reeling from bad breakups, who connect with each other over an eventful day in South-London.

As mentioned, the critics absolutely adored this movie, and you check out some of their gushing reviews right here:

Rolling Stone - "A firecracker of a film exploring modern-day dating (and heartbreak) mores while providing witty commentary on the borderline-absurd ways in which millennials and zoomers have latched onto social media buzzword culture."


Vulture - "Rye Lane asks you to fall in love with Dom and Yas, but failing that, it will have you hopelessly smitten with its South London setting and with that feeling of having the day open and nothing to do but wander and see what may happen. With the city spread before you, you never know who you might meet."

The Irish Times - "No other British film has, in a generation, done such imaginative work in restructuring romantic comedy. It is one of those rare films the audience didn’t know it really, really needed."

We Got This Covered - "Slick, funny, and charming - Rye Lane is one to watch."

Rye Lane is available to watch on Disney+ right now.


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