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18th Mar 2024

Prime Video has just added a recent underseen crime movie gem

Stephen Porzio

Led by a big Irish star, the 2023 film has an 86% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Prime Video has just added Fast Charlie, an acclaimed 2023 crime movie starring Pierce Brosnan, to its service.

The Irish actor plays the title character, a fixer with a problem: the man he was assigned to kill is missing his head.

This is an issue as Charlie must prove to the man who paid for the hit – a ruthless New Orleans’ mobster (Gbenga Akinnagbe) – that the headless body is that of the intended target.

As such, Charlie goes to Marcie (Morena Baccarin – Deadpool, Homeland) – the victim’s ex-wife – for help.

“Dragging Marcie back into a past she was determined to escape sends the two of them on a wild and unpredictable odyssey that’s unexpectedly amusing, action propelled, and ultimately heartfelt,” the plot synopsis reads.

Also starring Oscar-nominee James Caan (The Godfather) in his final performance, Fast Charlie was directed by blockbuster filmmaker Philip Noyce (The Bone Collector, Patriot Games, Salt) and was written by Richard Wenk (The Equalizer trilogy).

And the general consensus is that the movie’s talent both on and off-screen help elevate a familiar crime story into a very compelling watch.

Holding an 86% Rotten Tomatoes score, Fast Charlie’s charismatic lead turn from Brosnan, as well as the Irish actor’s chemistry with co-star Baccarin, have been particularly singled out for praise.

You can read a sample of some of those positive reviews right here:

Chicago Sun-Times: “Pierce Brosnan has a wry sense of humour in this slick and violent piece of pulp entertainment.”

Common Sense Media: “This crime tale uses many familiar elements, but, under the guidance of director Phillip Noyce, it feels crisp, fleet-footed, and spirited, adding up to a solid, entertaining B-movie.”

The Hollywood Reporter: “We’ve seen plenty of cinematic aging hitmen looking to retire to a more peaceful life before, but thanks to Brosnan’s ageless charm and a subtly rendered love story underpinning the proceedings, we’ve never rooted for one quite as much.”

IndieWire: “The real motor that sustains Fast Charlie for the duration of its breezy 90-minute running time is the will-they won’t-they romance between Brosnan and Baccarin, both actors cultivating a palpable sense of intimacy.”

Fast Charlie is streaming on Prime Video in Ireland and the UK right now.

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