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13th Mar 2024

One of the best revenge movies of recent years is streaming on Netflix now

Stephen Porzio


“Unrelenting, no-nonsense and hard-as-nails – just like its eponymous anti-hero.”

A victim of being released in Ireland and the UK amid the Covid pandemic, the British crime thriller Bull – now on Netflix – was sadly not seen by as many people as it should have been.

Written and directed by Paul Andrew Williams (The Cottage, London to Brighton), the 2021 movie stars an incredibly intense Neil Maskell (Hijack, Kill List, Utopia) as the title character, a vicious mob enforcer who returns home after spending 10 years away.

His reason for coming back: to get revenge on his former gang that double-crossed him and to track down his now estranged son.

Neil Maskell as Bull

Upon its initial release, Bull received rave reviews from critics – earning a 93% Rotten Tomatoes score.

In fact, the film’s force of nature central turn by Maskell, its hard-hitting violence and its twisty screenplay have led to the movie being compared to some other modern British crime classics such as Dead Man’s Shoes and Kill List.

So, if you watched Netflix’s recent movie addition Villain and wanted to check out another gritty British crime flick, Bull would fit the bill perfectly.

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You can read a sampling of some of the reviews for the film right here:

Bloody Disgusting: “Bull stuns with its shocking violence, keeps you guessing throughout, then impressively pulls the rug out from under you.”

Empire: “Paul Andrew Williams and Neil Maskell breathe new life into a familiar one-man-army scenario. Unrelenting, no-nonsense and hard-as-nails – just like its eponymous anti-hero.”

Los Angeles Times: “A must for fans of pulpy crime pictures.”

San Jose Mercury News: “A lean, mean ride that wallops you with surprising emotional force at the end. Wow. Just wow.”

The Times (UK) – “What makes it so watchable, even despite the stomach-churning violence, is Williams’s clever, non-chronological narrative, which layers in the suggestion that all riddles will be answered with one closing knockout revelation.”

Bull is available to stream in Ireland and the UK via Netflix. Check out the trailer right here:

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