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08th Mar 2024

Jamie Dornan speaks about the movie that earns him free pints in Irish pubs

Stephen Porzio

“This might be the easiest answer of my life.”

Northern Irish actor Jamie Dornan has followed in Barry Keoghan’s footsteps by appearing on the hit YouTube show Hot Ones.

The performer was on the programme, where celebrities are interviewed while eating increasingly spicy chicken wings, to promote his series The Tourist – which saw its second season premiere earlier this year to rave reviews.

During the conversation, host Sean Evans put to Dornan the fascinating double question: “Which of your films or TV projects would you say would be most likely to earn you a free pint at an Irish pub and which one do you think would be most likely to get you punched in face?”

As for the first part of the question, Dornan answered with his 2016 Netflix action war film The Siege of Jadotville.

“In Ireland? This might be the easiest answer of my life,” he explained.

“I did a film for Netflix called The Siege of Jadotville, which is a true story about an Irish Army in The Congo in 1961.

“I think a lot of Irish people are happy that I told that story. I’m pretty certain that someone’s bought me a pint for bringing that story to light.”

As for the second part of the question though, the actor had a perhaps more obvious answer.

“I did a film with Emily Blunt called Wild Mountain Thyme that, kind of, everyone hated,” he said.

Laughing at this, Evans asked: “Like they addressed it with you?”

Dornan responded: “They addressed it. They have addressed it to me, face to face. A lot of people address it in print.

“So, yeah. I think that was probably the thing that would — I don’t think anyone’s going to punch me in the face, I really hope not.”

You can check out Dornan’s Hot Ones interview right here:

Saltburn star Barry Keoghan also appeared on a recent episode of Hot Ones where he spoke about being banned as a teen from a cinema.

During the conversation, Evans asked the actor: “Why did you get banned from Cineworld theatre on Parnell Street [in Dublin] as a youth?”

“For being a brat, basically. [For] running in and trying to watch movies, honestly,” he replied.

“[They were] trying to stop a kid from watching movies. You don’t know, it could be a future Oscar nominee there, just saying. And you took him away from films.

“I was young and trying to get in and the cinema was such a romantic place to me and I was only 14.

“But then I had a premiere there [in 2021 for Eternals],” Keoghan said – before adding that he had a laugh at the time about what Evans called a “full circle moment”.

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