Barry Keoghan speaks about being banned from Irish cinema as a teen on Hot Ones 2 weeks ago

Barry Keoghan speaks about being banned from Irish cinema as a teen on Hot Ones

Keoghan had the last laugh though as years later he had one of his biggest movies hold a premiere at the cinema.

Saltburn star Barry Keoghan appeared on the most recent episode of hit YouTube show Hot Ones where he spoke about being banned as a teen from a cinema.


The Oscar-nominee was on the programme, where celebrities are interviewed while eating increasingly spicy chicken wings, to promote his role in the new Apple TV+ series Masters of the Air.

During the conversation, host Sean Evans asked the actor: "Why did you get banned from Cineworld theatre on Parnell Street [in Dublin] as a youth?"

“For being a brat, basically. [For] running in and trying to watch movies, honestly," he replied.

"[They were] trying to stop a kid from watching movies. You don't know, it could be a future Oscar nominee there, just saying. And you took him away from films.


“I was young and trying to get in and the cinema was such a romantic place to me and I was only 14.

"But then I had a premiere there [in 2021 for Eternals]," Keoghan said - before adding that he had a laugh at the time about what Evans called a "full circle moment".

Keoghan has previously spoken about this topic to JOE, which you can watch right here:


Barry Keoghan speaks about being banned from Irish cinema as a teen

Also during the Hot Ones interview, Keoghan was asked if he finds it "painful" having scenes he features in being cut from the final edit of movies.

He responded: “I don’t mean to sound cocky but they don’t really cut my scenes. They keep them in there and wished they had more."

However, he then added: “There was a scene in Banshees [of Inisherin] that didn’t need to be there. And it’s quite bleak the scene."


Describing it as "out there", Keoghan said the scene involved his character Dominic and his abusive father (played by Gary Lydon).

"I don’t think we needed to see it anyway. You don’t question that when you are working with [writer-director] Martin McDonagh. You go and you let him take the lead," Keoghan explained.

“I understand people have to cut scenes if it takes away from the story and that. You can’t really take it personal, but we do take it personal. It's like: 'Am I not that good?'"

You can watch Keoghan's Hot Ones interview in full right here:


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