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05th Mar 2024

Netflix has just added an incredibly tense revenge thriller movie

Stephen Porzio

The 2023 film holds a 97% Rotten Tomatoes score.

Amidst all of Netflix’s recent additions – from its original projects to other movies newly made available to watch on the service – you may have missed the arrival of 2023 revenge thriller Femme to the streamer.

The film stars Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Culprits, Misfits) as Jules – a much celebrated drag artist in London who, one night after a show, is the victim of a homophobic attack.

Traumatised by the assault, Jules withdraws from the outside world until a chance encounter with his attacker, Preston (George MacKay – 1917, I Came By), leads him to concoct a plan to take his revenge.

To reveal any more about Femme’s plot would take some power away from the movie as it’s a film where a lot of the thrill comes from trying to work out just exactly where its story is going.

All we will say is that the movie features two incredible lead performances and several scenes that are almost unbearably tense – something we mean as a compliment.

The debut movie from directing duo Sam H. Freeman and Ng Choon Ping – it is based on their earlier short film of the same name – Femme holds a 97% Rotten Tomatoes score.

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett and George MacKay in Femme on Netflix now

Here is a sample of some of the praise that has been lavished on the thriller.

Empire: “George MacKay and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett utterly thrill in this sexually charged, suspense-filled watch. Don’t let this one pass you by.”

The Guardian: “Femme is a really well-worked-through story with tense developments and reversals; it keeps you on the edge of your seat and the outstanding performances from Stewart-Jarrett and MacKay have delicacy, subtlety and depth.”

The Times (UK): “Sexual politics and genre smarts collide in this gripping London-set drama.”

Time Out: “Murky morality abounds in the exhilarating Femme. It’s a credit to the filmmakers that this cat-and-mouse game takes such intriguing turns.”

Femme is streaming on Netflix in Ireland and the UK right now.

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