Ja Rule has blasted the new Fyre Festival documentaries on Netflix and Hulu 1 year ago

Ja Rule has blasted the new Fyre Festival documentaries on Netflix and Hulu

Ja Rule is on a bit of a Twitter rant at the minute.

Netflix released their Fyre Festival documentary over the weekend, and it has gone down a treat with those have seen it.

Fyre Festival was a 2017 Bahamian getaway festival that was supposed to be filled with the most successful influencers and celebrities from around the world

But unfortunately, due to a number of reasons, it was never to be, and the festival never went down.

Granted it's not necessarily an easy watch, as there are some scenes that fill you with nothing but pure existential dread, but it's definitely one that we recommend all the same.

One of the stars (we use that term lightly) of the documentary is the controversial rapper Ja-Rule. The New Yorker was one of the co-creators of the festival, and he doesn't come across looking too well as a result of the two documentaries that have been released in the past seven days.

He has since taken to Twitter in an attempt to plead his innocence, starting off with a pretty good pun, in fairness...

He then accused Netflix of paying the PR company Fuck Jerry, who are the PR company who worked for the festival.

While facing accusations of scamming people, Ja has done his best to convince people that, despite how it seems, that is how it all went down.

He also claimed that he never directly got a cent from the Fyre company.

We doubt we've heard the last of this one.

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