Fans convinced next James Bond has been revealed after actor drops hint 4 months ago

Fans convinced next James Bond has been revealed after actor drops hint

It's got Bond fans a bit shaken up..

James Bond fans are convinced the next actor to pick up the 007 codename has been revealed, following a cryptic Instagram post featuring two big stars.


The post in question comes from the account of both Stanley Tucci and, more importantly, Richard Madden, showing the Citadel stars toasting a couple of martinis, potentially of the shaken-not-stirred variety.

“How’s yours,” Tucci asks, to which Madden replies: “Delicious.”

While the post is rather innocuous in and of itself, the martinis - which are the preferred tipple of the fictional spy - have raised some eyebrows over whether it's hinting towards an incoming casting announcement, especially as Madden has been heavily linked to the Bond role.

Commenters on the post have also suggested that Tucci could be in contention to be the new M, alongside Madden's Bond. But that could be stretching it slightly.



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The actors in the running to be the next James Bond

Madden has recently become a fan favourite to don the tux that Daniel Craig hung up after his last outing in 2021's No Time to Die.


British actor Paapa Essiedu is currently the bookies' favourite for the role, while stars James Norton, Regé Jean-Page, Tom Hardy, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Henry Cavill are also in the mix. Last year Kick-Ass star Aaron Taylor-Johnson was revealed to have taken part in a screen test.

However last week, No Time To Die star Ana de Armas revealed that she thinks Irish star Paul Mescal should get the role.

"Oh man, I don't know. I think Paul Mescal should be the one... That's my vote," she said when prompted for a successor.

Candidates for M have also been floating around the internet recently, with English comic actor Daisy May Cooper reportedly in talks to take on the role.


According to reports, production heads are hoping Cooper will allow the character and franchise as a whole to become “a bit lighter and more comedic.”

It could turn out that Madden's post had nothing to do with the Bond role. However, it's certainly put fans on high alert for any upcoming announcements and, if nothing, it's a knowing nod towards the rumours.

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