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15th Sep 2020

New James Bond footage unmasks Rami Malek’s mysterious villain in No Time To Die

Eoghan Doherty

Rami Malek

I’ve got a little Safin for you…

Everyone knows that, for every Bond outing, there needs to be a brilliant bad guy to give our hero the worst possible time imaginable, and in No Time To Die, it looks like Rami Malek has bagged himself a deadly doozy.

The Oscar-winning actor plays a mysterious, masked madman called Safin, a villain who’s hellbent on revenge and willing to kill the people his enemies love most in the world.

As director Cary Joji Fukunaga puts it in this brand new featurette on the character, “what he wants and what he’s willing to do, makes him a very frightening character, both personally to Bond and also on a global level.”

From what we can tell after watching the brilliant and breathless recent trailer, we’re speculating that Safin may have plans to unleash some kind of pandemic upon the world and it’s up to Bond and Friends to stop him.

So basically, we’re currently blaming him for causing Coronavirus.

We don’t know too much about Rami Malek’s man so far, other than he really likes tidiness, loves shooting at people under the ice instead of trying to save them and, with that mask, presumably has a penchant for The Phantom Of The Opera.

We’ll have a much better idea once No Time To Die is released in Irish cinemas on 12 November, but in the meantime have a watch of the brand new footage below.

For the life of me, I’ll never know why they didn’t use MN8’s ‘I’ve Got A Little Safin For You’ in the clip, but hopefully it’ll be included on the official soundtrack.

It was right there, people.

Meet Safin…

Clip via Universal Pictures Ireland

Here’s the full action-packed trailer for No Time To Die in all its glory…

Clip via Universal Pictures UK

No Time To Die will be released in Irish cinemas on 12 November