Keanu Reeves names the only superhero that he'd love to play 4 years ago

Keanu Reeves names the only superhero that he'd love to play

He once wanted to be Batman, but the Dark Knight no longer intrigues him...

Keanu Reeves is essentially a superhero in his own right.


He's played Neo, aka The One, in the Matrix movies.

He's enjoyed a career rebirth as the absolute unstoppable badass that is John Wick.

Hell, even Johnny Utah in Point Break felt like a character from an over the top comic book.

And in real life, he's most likely a vampire due to the whole 'doesn't visibly age' thing he's got going on.


Still, none of those fully qualify as big screen superheroes in the traditional, drawn from a legendary graphic novel sense.

At one point in his career, the Canadian icon seemed to have his heart set on donning the cowl and becoming Batman, but that didn't come to pass.

Now he's moved on to a different hero who could use a brand new face - Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman swears he's finally done with the role - and he isn't topping Logan so he really should leave well enough alone now - and so the prospect of a new razor-clawed figure is being bandied about.


In conversation with ScreenGeek to promote new film Replicas, Reeves was asked if he'd have interest in Batman or Wolverine now that the roles are generally available with Ben Affleck's future as Bruce Wayne relatively uncertain at the moment.

"Of the two, I’d love to play Wolverine," Reeves confirmed.

Pressed on it and asked if he'd like to play any other comic book figure, he made a move to clear things up quite firmly:

"I don't have one, to be candid."


That certainly sounds like a man who wants to get familiar with the power of adamantium, anyway.

As for what it might look like, artist BossLogic gave it a go on Twitter:

Not bad, but let's concentrate on John Wick's precarious future first, shall we?