The latest Friends theory that's doing the rounds is very harsh on Ross 3 years ago

The latest Friends theory that's doing the rounds is very harsh on Ross

Bound to divide Friends fans.

Despite the fact that the Friends finale aired 14 years ago - Christ, we're feeling old - it appears that fans of the show have moved into a new era of reflection and evaluation.


As new generations watch the events of the gang unfold for the first time- with mixed results it must be said - older generations are continuing to squabble over small details. Hell, it's like that episode when Chandler and Joey argued over the chair because as we all know, the cushions are the essence of the chair.

Anyways, a tweet by the comedian Emily Heller has gone viral and it caused a little bit of commotion in the Friends-sphere (yeah, we just made that up)

Emily reckons that the only reason why the producers made Monica and Ross siblings in the show was because all the other members of the Friends gang would have 'sided' with Carol following her divorce from Ross.

Ok, let's break this down.

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm a big Ross fan because he has consistently been one of the funniest characters throughout the show.


This moment at 4:10 still cracks me up.

Clip via - Favorite Videos

Ok, let's see if Emily's theory stands up.

1) Ross and Chandler were best friends in college and they were practically inseparable. On that note, it's fair to assume that Chandler wouldn't ditch his close friend after a painful divorce.

2) Rachel and Ross also had a history. Granted, they weren't dating when they went to high school together but in the very first episode of the show, Rachel arrived into Central Perk and knows absolutely nobody apart from Monica and Ross. Granted, their social interactions all revolved around the fact that Ross is Monica's brother but even if she wasn't introduced to Ross via Monica, they still went to the same high school. Ross only met Carol in college. It's fair to assume that any 'loyalty' Rachel would have regarding 'picking a side' in the divorce would go to Ross because she would know his face.

3) Phoebe and Ross were once romantically involved. Granted, Phoebes also said about Carol "She is so great! I miss her" but this kiss below also happened as soon as she heard that Ross was having marital issues.

It's clear that she cares for Ross.

Clip via - Tawfiq Gousouss

4) In the same scene above, it's implied that Joey has never met Carol although he does think it's cool that she's a lesbian. His allegiances could go anywhere but at least he has met Ross.

5) If Monica wasn't Ross' sister, it's unclear where she might go. The backstory between Carol and Monica was never really fleshed out too much because it always did involve the truism that their relationship was centred around the fact they're sisters-in-law.

Anyways, people have weighed in with their own theories. What do you reckon?



Clearly, this is an important issue for some people.