PIC: First look poster for Jennifer Lawrence's new film 'Mother!' 6 years ago

PIC: First look poster for Jennifer Lawrence's new film 'Mother!'

Happy Mother! Day?

The first look poster for Jennifer Lawrence's new film, Mother!, was revealed Sunday, 14 May and writer/director Darren Aranofsky took advantage of the Mother's Day holiday in the U.S to release the image.


Mother! is centered around a couple whose relationship is tested when some uninvited guests arrive at their home and disturb their peaceful and tranquil lives.

Lawrence, of The Hunger Games fame, stars in the horror/mystery movie alongside stars Domhnall Gleeson, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris, Michelle Pfeifer.

Here's the first look poster for the film...


The poster is actually an oil painting by artist James Jean. He is a Taiwanese-American visual artist, known for both his commercial work and fine art gallery work. He has also had his works published by DC comics, ESPN and Prada.

The image was released via the twitter account of Aronofsky which depicts Lawrence ripping out her own bloody heart from her chest.

The image takes the phrase 'wearing your heart on your sleeve' to a completely new level.

Sadly, the first look painting doesn't give any more away about the already secretive film.


Aronofsky, who was heavily involved in writing the script, has also found success in the psychological horror genre with movies such as, Requiem for a Dream and Black Swan, which earned Natalie Portman a Best Actress Oscar.

Mother! will be released by Paramount Pictures on October 13.