The Mandalorian has been renewed for season two 9 months ago

The Mandalorian has been renewed for season two

You're still waiting patiently to watch season one though, right?

Good news for Star Wars fans who like things a little bit more episodic and Western-like; The Mandalorian has officially been granted a second season.

Of course, anyone living in Ireland is counting the days until Disney+ launches over here before they can see it.

You wouldn't even dream of doing anything nefarious before then, right?

Good. As for folks over in North America, The Mandalorian has just wrapped up its eight-episode first season.

If you're unfamiliar, the show features Pedro Pascal - aka the greatest character in Game of Thrones; Prince Oberyn Martell - in the title role as a stoic bounty hunter who roams the galaxy in search of his prey.

Along the way he encounters various good and bad figures...

*Mild spoilers to follow if you've been living under a rock where the Internet doesn't exist*

...including one genius invention that became an instant worldwide meme; the unbelievably adorable Baby Yoda.

I would die for Baby Yoda.

Anyway, Disney+ clearly approves of what it has on its hands with creator Jon Favreau taking to Twitter on Friday evening to confirm the news of its renewal.

What's more, it will arrive around autumn of next year.

Short and sweet.

A decent December for Team Star Wars, then, with The Rise of Skywalker currently sitting on a global box office haul of $572 million.

As for when the Disney+ streaming platform launches in Ireland and what to expect from it, click right here.