Clint Eastwood's final western is among the movies on TV tonight 1 week ago

Clint Eastwood's final western is among the movies on TV tonight

Fitting, seeing as who's coming to town...

Whether it's intentional or not, there are plenty of cowboys on the telly tonight.


Whether you have 'Friends in Low Places' or not, it's a good night to stay in and watch a film.

Here's JOE's recommendations for what to check out on TV tonight.

The Kid - Film4 - 9pm

Ethan Hawke and Dane DeHaan star in a western about a young boy who finds himself in the centre of a manhunt for legendary criminal Billy 'The Kid'

Green Zone - Sony Movie Channel - 9pm

Matt Damon stars in a good old-fashioned military conspiracy film, as a soldier discovers the intel he's received on weapons of mass destructions is not as reliable as he thought.

Lucy - ITV4 - 10pm


Luc Besson of Leon: The Professional fame directs this Limitless-style flick starring Scarlett Johansson as a student-turned-super soldier.

All The President's Men - BBC4 - 10pm

A multi-Oscar winning biopic starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford about the reporters who broke the Watergate scandal.

Unforgiven - Turner Classic Movies - 11.05pm

Our pick for tonight is one of the last great westerns of the 20th Century, with an all-star cast to boot.


Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Gene Hackman, and Richard Harris band together for one last score as the Wild West begins to disappear across the United States.

Great performances, brilliant action, and loads of people looking angry. A brilliant western.

Rain Man - TG4 - 12.05am

Another Oscar winner starring Dustin Hoffman (this one managed to win Best Picture though!), a rich LA businessman discovers a brother he never knew about in an institution across the country.