One of the best adventure films ever is among the movies on TV tonight 2 months ago

One of the best adventure films ever is among the movies on TV tonight

Your Monday evening movie menu has arrived!

Hello there movie lovers! You'll be happy to hear that your new week is kicking off with a very decent selection of movies to choose from. On top of one of 2023's best reviewed movies now being able to stream at home, you've also got the following list of movies on TV to choose from!


The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - Sky Showcase - 8pm

Our main pick for tonight is The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. The first entry in the epic fantasy adventure trilogy, this is where their long walk to Mount Doom begins in order to destroy the One Ring. Even over 20 years later, the sheer impressiveness of the scale and scope of the movie is staggering. If you miss it tonight, The Fellowship of the Ring is also available to watch with a NOW Cinema Membership.

Armageddon - FilmFour - 9pm
A big asteroid is heading straight for Earth and only Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck can save the day. A very fun, very stupid action movie.


Peacock - TG4 - 9.30pm
A 2010 mystery thriller with a stellar cast including Cillian Murphy, Susan Sarandon, Bill Pullman, Elliot Page and Josh Lucas... but we've literally never heard of it before. The 48% score on Rotten Tomatoes might explain why.

Boiling Point - BBC One - 11.15pm
The 22-minute short movie that resulted in one of the most stressful movies ever made.

A United Kingdom - BBC Two - 11.15pm
A romantic drama based on the true story of the Prince of Botswana (David Oyelowo) who has his position as future king questioned when he marries a British white woman (Rosamund Pike).

Evil Dead II - Legend - 11.15pm
One of the most entertaining horror movies ever made.


Before I Go To Sleep - BBC One - 11.40pm
Nicole Kidman, Mark Strong and Colin Firth star in this well-reviewed psychological thriller.


Cate Blanchett scared everyone during this scene in The Fellowship of the Ring

Eagle VS Shark - FilmFour - 12am
One of the first movies directed and co-written by Taika Waititi, telling the story of two socially awkward misfits drawn together by getting revenge on their bullies.


The Girl on the Train - FilmFour - 1.45am
A very impressive cast - Emily Blunt, Luke Evans, Lisa Kudrow, Rebecca Ferguson, Justin Theroux - star in this murder mystery thriller. It is ... okay.

Paranormal Activity - Legend - 2.45am
You either find this terrifying or slightly boring. There is no in between for this one.

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